1998 Ford Expedition, No Air From Vents, Air Only Flows From Defrost

After looking at diagrams I found that this Expedition uses vacuum controls to change door positions. I started looking for vacuum line problems under the hood and found the problem behind the battery.

You can see the damaged section of the small plastic vacuum line, just slightly lower than center of the following picture. It is bent at almost 90 degrees.

vacuum hose repair 1

After removing the battery to gain access, I cut out the damaged part of the hard plastic vacuum line and replaced it with a piece of rubber line that I placed over the original line. Make sure it is a snug fit.

I used 1/8 inch fuel line in this particular vehicle and it worked well but i prefer to use 7/64 thick wall vacuum line. I was out of my favorite.

Installed the battery and tested the system. Now works as designed. Leaking batteries cause a lot of problem. The customer had recently replaced the battery but had waited too long.

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