1993 Acura Legend, No Run Condition

Car came in with a very classic complaint of the engine will not start sometimes and customer has noticed a change in temperature seems to make a difference. This is a very common problem with both Acura and Honda. What happens is that the solder joints on the main relay circuit board will weaken over time and eventually go open. First start by removing lower dash cover to expose the relay.

Main Relay 1993 Acura Legend

Next remove the relay and using a small screwdriver or other flat prying device remove the circuit board from the case assembly. Using a magnifying glass inspect the circuit board for open terminals. These will be indicated by a black ring in the solder joint usually at the outer edge.

You can now choose to replace the relay assembly or resolder the joints as needed. All of the joints need to be checked but especially the ones that relate to the two relays that are mounted to the circuit board.

There have also been a few cases of the ground wire under the right injector cover being left loose and causing a similar complaint. It only takes a couple of minutes to check.

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