turn &stop left side not working on 2001 dodge dakota 4×4 4.7 engine atomatic trany

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#16517 Closed 2001 dodge dakota public

turn & stop light left hand side not working, right hand side is working fine. check wireing &connections, seems to be o/k.


Sorry to be so late getting back with you. I have been ill. Anyways start by checking the hazard lights operation. If it is still inoperative , check the bulb and the current going to it. Power should be present on the Dark Green wire with either a Red or Brown tracer with the turn signal or stoplights on. Ground should be present at the Black wire at all times. If there is no power the most likely cause would be a faulty combination flasher. This is especially true if the front turn signal on the left/driver’s side works properly.

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