My blower fan on my 2010 chevy colorado will not work on setting 4. all other speeds work. at times none of the speeds work.

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I have tested all the plugs and there is power and the ground appears to be there to. At times none of the blower fan speeds work. But when it is working it will not work on high speed. I have changed the wiring harness and checked the plug behind the right side kick panel. the ground and power seem to be working there. I have unplugged the blower motor and connected it straight to the battery and let it run for a while. the blower motor is good. This is turning into a frustrating fix. Can you help


The only way for speed number 4 to drop out would be a faulty blower switch and/or blower switch connection or a poor connection at the X203 in line harness connector. you would be looking for a poor connection at the large orange wire.

Question can I bypass the plug with the orange wire and the blower motor still work on all settings.


If the connection inside the X203 connector is found to be faulty and the rest of the terminal connections are good then yes you can repair the orange wire around the connector and speed #4 should go back to working.

Got in the truck this morning the blower was still working on the first three settings. I went to my kids house and when we got ready to went back to the truck and nothing is working now on any setting. This blower works sometimes and then goes off a quits working without warning. I have traced all the grounds and they seem to be clean and working. What is the problem?


Since it is not working at all I would start by checking power and ground at the blower motor to see which signal is missing. Be sure to check the circuits on all speeds.

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